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Whatever the pace, run softly, run tall.

- Joe Henderson, Running 101

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Morgan Adams
Michel Arnaud
Erica Balon
Bill Barford
Jeanne Bergeron
Glenn Berninger
Gregg Berninger
Ann Birckmayer
John Bonetsky
Paul Bradway
Cailin Brennan
Jennifer Brennan
Michael Brennan
Wendy Brennan
Terri Brew
Mark Browne
Beth Brumaghim
Lorna Brundrett
Mary Burntitus
Kate Cabral
Matt Cabral
Cadie Cargile
Luis Castanuela
Mark Allen Castanuela
Christina Christian
Marc Christian
Allyson Cimino
Janet Byrd Clinton
Lenny Collins
Siobhan Connally
Neal Conolly
Jim Costello
Allison Craig
Deryck Culley
Christine Cunningham
Anne Curtin
Dan Curtin
Barbara Davi
Felix Del Toro
Laura Dellehunt
Sarah Dempsey
David Desmonie
Todd DiGrigoli
Heather Diorio
Max Diorio
Karen Dolge
Kathleen Dooley
Dick Draper
Michelle Drebitko
Jeannie Dunbar
David Durkin
Tom Eastman
James Edgeworth
Michelle Edgeworth
Berit Erickson
Erin Everett
Hilary Ferrone
Beth Flaherty
Aram Fox
Ray Framarin
Tom Fraser
Eric French
Mark French
Dorine (Pixie) Fuller
Ralph Gartner
Jim Gilmer
Ed Hamilton
Liz Hamlin
Tina Harp
Tim Houger
Mike Howard
Susan Kayne
Chris Keating
Julie Keating
Joe Keenan
Mike Kipp
Tammy Kipp
Jessica Kriss
Dan Kuhner
Lisa LaBrie
Kathleen Lamanna
Claudia Lardizabal
Denise Lebrecht-Kuhner
Alexis Lohmiller
Jacob Lohmiller
Lauren Lohmiller
Jonathan Loyche
George Lytle
Kevin Maloy
Bonnie Marsh
Megan McCarthy
Doug McGivney
Stacey Meissner
Don Meltz
Terry Meltz
Jon Meredith
Kyle Meredith
Gabriele Moroiello
Alanna Moss
Geri Nabozny
Jack Nabozny
Julie Nabozny
Dave Nagengast
Lynne Nagengast
Peter Nelson Jr
Sean Oflaherty
Arlene Oldrich
Cathy Oldrich
Ed Oldrich
June Osborne
Matt Osborne
Charles Parmentier
Marlene Parmentier
Meghan Parmentier
Hannah Patzwahl
Kyle Patzwahl
Scott Patzwahl
Thomas Perito
Elizabeth Phillips
Rich Phillips
Erin Philp
Mariola Pratt
Timothy Pratt
Clint Proper
Kathleen Proper
Beth Puskas
Betsy Rees
Frank Rees
Mary Rhoades
Matthew Rhoades
Kevin Rice
Ron Rich
Kevin Richardson
Michelle Richardson
Dean Rowe
Erin Russo
Corinna Schaming
Ann Scharoun
Jessica Schedler-Bowker
Bill Schneider
Kathy Schneider
Rachel Schneider
Timothy Schneider
Deborah Shakotko
Susan Sharp-Conolly
Chuck Shattenkirk
Gary Sheffer
Elisabeth Simon
Melanie Snyder
Shelley Starkman
Lori Stevens
Paul Strobel
Aimee Strunk-Reinoehl
Ann Sublett
Issac Sublett
Jim Tansey
Andrew Tanzillo
Jay Thorn
Michael Thumann
Amy Valentine
Linnea VanTassel
Dave Vona
Nissa Wallace
Peg Warner
Teresa Warner Maiuri
Jessa Waterhouse
Jim Waterhouse
Ashley Weber
Allison Welch
Ross Wightman
Jayne Zinke


KRC on Facebook

18 hours ago

Erin Harzinski Russo

Anyone want to run tomorrow (Wednesday)? 3-5 miles, pretty slow? I’m in Chatham, but I’ll come to VOK. ... See moreSee less


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I’m good for five miles @ VOK in the morning... Coffee after.. 08:00 ish

What time? My running partner is off Hunting...

I would like to keep it around 08:00... but what works for you...

8:00 in VOK it is! Thea, you’re welcomed to join!

What are the upcoming holiday runs in the Columbia County or Berkshires area? ... See moreSee less


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I'm heading to Troy for the 10k Turkey Trot and the first Sunday in December, participating in the Hot Chocolate run for safe passage in Northampton. Not quite in the area, but both tremendously fun.

What time does Chatham start? Anyone thinking if going for casual run?

2 days ago

Carrie Altomer

I will be open and ready to have coffee with all of you early rising shoppers and workers alike!!
6AM!!!!! TO 3PM. FREE COFFEE ALL DAY. Come on in for a quick bite or call in a To-go order so you can be fueled and ready for your day the right way! 518-610-8510
3 Albany Ave kinderhook NY
... See moreSee less

5 days ago

Karen Dolge

Hudson's 48th Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot ... See moreSee less

Hudsons 48th Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot


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Thank you Meghan Parmentier for sharing this!

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Fun Runs

Saturday Club Runs

Every Saturday Morning -- rain, shine, snow, ice -- there is a club run. There are always different routes at different distances for different levels of ability. Generally, they start in the Village. Come out and joing us some Saturday morning.

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Sunday Runs

Every Sunday at 8:00 am there is a slow 5K to 5-mile run/walk in the Village. These runs are free and you don't need to be a member! Join Us!»»

Wednesday Evening Runs

3+ miles starting at 6:00PM from Kinderhook Village. All invited!

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