The Kinderhook Runners Club

There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.

- Bill Bowerman

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Kinderhook Dutch Farming Heritage Trail Run

60 People Have Signed Up So Far

The following people (listed in alphabetical order) have registered for the Kinderhook Dutch Farming Heritage Trail Run

  1. Caroline Brancatella
  2. Mark Browne
  3. Nathaniel Burke
  4. Mary  Burntitus
  5. Mary  Burntitus
  6. Anne Butler
  7. John Butler
  8. Steven Cangemi
  9. Amanda Clark
  10. Siobhan Connally
  11. James Costello
  12. Michelle Cotsonas
  13. Deryck Culley
  14. Burton Davis
  15. Debbie Davis
  16. Justin Donohue
  17. David Durkin
  18. Helen Enright
  19. Samantha Enright
  20. Hilary Ferrone
  21. John Funk
  22. Nicholas Funk
  23. Keri Gill-Smith
  24. Casey Gregory
  25. Ed Hamilton
  26. Kelley Heffner
  27. Marjorie Horner
  28. Jamie Howard
  29. Michael Howard
  30. Chris Keating
  31. Julie Keating
  32. Ian Kelly
  33. Jennifer Kelly
  34. Joseph Kelly
  35. Joseph Kelly
  36. Clff Keyes
  37. Dan  Kuhner
  38. Claudia Lardizabal
  39. Denise Lebrecht-kuhner
  40. Roger Liberman
  41. Steven Longden
  42. Judy Lynch
  43. Alison Nickford
  44. Richard  Peck
  45. Shirley Perry
  46. Eric Pierson
  47. Frank Rees
  48. Deb Shakotko
  49. Gary Sheffer
  50. Mark Sheffer
  51. Diana Steenburg
  52. Lara Stelmaszyk
  53. Joanna Tremper
  54. Melanie  Welch
  55. Steven Welch
  56. James White
  57. Paul Widjeskog
  58. David Wilber
  59. Jim  Zarroli
  60. Jayne Zinke


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Fun Runs

Saturday Club Runs

Every Saturday Morning -- rain, shine, snow, ice -- there is a club run. There are always different routes at different distances for different levels of ability. Generally, they start in the Village. Come out and joing us some Saturday morning.

If you plan on running, please log in.

Sunday Runs

Every Sunday at 8:00 am there is a slow 5K to 5-mile run/walk in the Village. These runs are free and you don't need to be a member! Join Us!»»

Wednesday Evening Runs

3+ miles starting at 6:00PM from Kinderhook Village. All invited!

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