The Kinderhook Runners Club

The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.

- Juma Ikangaa, 1989 NYC Marathon winner

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Get Acquainted with Running

The Kinderhook Runner's Club has a weekly "Fun Run" every Wednesday night at 6:00. The group meets at the Kinderhook Village Square. The route is a 3 mile loop around the village.

If you would like to get into running or return to running, here is your opportunity. This is a non-competitive run and you can walk all or part of it. So why not come out and join us - hey, at least try it one evening.

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KRC on Facebook

On April 4, 2018, Facebook changed its policy regarding plugins (with no warning) such as the one we used to display content from our Facebook Group. It is no longer possible to display content of any kind from a Facebook Group. So, unless Facebook modifies this policy or we come up with a workaround, we can only link out to our Facebook Group from here, but we cannot embed the recent feeds as we used to do.

Spring Clinic

The Annual KRC Spring Clinic will kick off on April 18th and continue every Wednesday at 6p at the ICC Track for 8 weeks leading up to the 20th Anniversary of the OK5K, on June 9th. Download the flyer for more information. And spread the word!

Fun Runs

Saturday Club Runs

Every Saturday Morning -- rain, shine, snow, ice -- there is a club run. There are always different routes at different distances for different levels of ability. Generally, they start in the Village. Come out and joing us some Saturday morning.

If you plan on running, please log in.

Sunday Runs

Every Sunday at 8:00 am there is a slow 5K to 5-mile run/walk in the Village. These runs are free and you don't need to be a member! Join Us!»»

Wednesday Evening Runs

3+ miles starting at 6:00PM from Kinderhook Village. All invited!

The KRC is for you!

Looking to get into shape? Well, join our local running club. NOW! Get a membership application. Hey, over 150 of your neighbors have already joined.